12 year old girl eat fried chicken every day suffering from kidney failure

Time :May 05, 2017    Views :166
It is reported that Taiwan a 12-year-old girl, half a year after school almost every day to eat Fried chicken, drink soda, has been found to kidney failure, the rest of my life will need kidney dialysis every day.Experts say, girls atrophy of kidney problems, and not simply to blame for the Fried chicken, on the one hand, the news video circulating on the Internet to the little girl had to have kidney disease, shows her kidney is weak;May be the CPC or meat, Fried chicken, on the other hand, there are quality problems.But what is certain is that often eat Fried food is not conducive to health.In 2011, Beijing also have a girl paid a terrible price for eating Fried chicken.Due to the Fried chicken hawker when marinated chicken use too much sodium nitrite, lead to two adults appear vomiting, only a year old girls after the rescue invalid death.
China agricultural college food institute of nutrition and food safety is a associate professor zhi-hong fan is introduced, and now the streets selling Fried chicken, on the one hand, in order to make the colorful, more have the risk of excessive nitrite.Adult if intake of 3 grams of nitrite, which is a small spoon of salt seasoning box, it may be fatal.On the other hand, the high temperature frying oil, will produce harmful substances acrylamide, the harmful substances in the oil of the repeated use of will is piling up.People in the long-term low doses of acrylamide in foods, can appear sleepiness, mood and memory change, produce the symptoms such as hallucinations and tremors, and associated with peripheral neuropathy (e.g., sweating and muscle weakness), it's harm to the children and the elderly is particularly serious.
Some children like to eat chicken nuggets, parents worry again outside selling unsafe, will go to the supermarket to buy some frozen chicken, Fried to children at home to eat chicken cutlets, etc.Zhi-hong fan is introduced, and the frozen semi-finished products, rather than use a lot of oil to fry, choose \"decoction\" method: not to put oil or put a little oil heating, less will not thaw meat pie on titanium of semi-finished products, in the first fire with two or three minutes, let the surface heat;Then add 2 tablespoons of water, cover, the steam leaps, turn a small fire, frying slowly;After evaporation, flip, add 2 tablespoons of water, cook;Finally opened the lid, the top and bottom sides with small fire Fried crispy, serve.This approach to make oil Fried chicken little, but also crisp outside and soft inside, don't add fat without sacrificing taste also, parents may as well try.

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