What Are The Five Causes Of Uremia

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Causes Of Uremia,Uremia1. Chronic Kidney Disease

As we all know, if all chronic kidney disease is not treated or well controlled, then its final outcome is uremia, it can be said that kidney disease is the main cause of uremia, in uremic diseases, chronic glomerulonephritis accounted for 55.7%.

2. Diabetes

Diabetic nephropathy is one of the most common and serious complications of diabetes. Clinical reports indicate that 30% of diabetic nephropathy patients will eventually become uremic diabetes.

3. Hypertension

15% of hypertensive patients will turn to uremia. According to statistics, hypertension accounted for 11% of the total population, that is, every 11 people will have one hypertension patients, of which 1.5 will become uremic patients. This is called hypertensive nephropathy.

4. Urinary tract infection

Chronic pyelonephritis is the second factor of uremia, accounting for about 20%. The incidence of male urinary tract infection in China is about 0.23%, and the incidence of female is 2.37%. Men, women, old and young can all be ill, especially married women of childbearing age.

5. Side effects of drugs

Studies show that about 25% of patients with renal failure are related to the nephrotoxicity of drugs.

Now, in China, lots of patients take chinese herbal medicines to treat uremia, which can control illness conditions well. For example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an external application with two medicated bags, various of chinese herbal medicines used in the treatments to repair diseased cells and tissues for improving kidney functions and repairing kidney structures.

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