Hold Back Urine Will Cause Uremia

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Hold Back Urine,UremiaWhat is uremia? What are the symptoms of uremia? How should we prevent uremia? You know, hold back your urine will cause uremia.

Urine is a metabolic product of the kidneys, which produce urine to regulate excess water in the body and excrete metabolic waste and toxins produced by metabolism. The water produced by daily diet and metabolism in the body flow into the kidneys with blood. There are many "filters" called glomeruli in the kidneys. The glomerulus specifically filters water and metabolic wastes. When blood flows into the filter, excess water in the blood is filtered out along with metabolic waste in the body to form urine. Urine passes through the ureter into the bladder and when it reaches a certain amount, it produces a sense of micturition. Usually adults produce 1,000 to 2,000 milliliters of urine every 24 hours.

Urine is a metabolite of the human body, most of which is not needed by the human body, it is constantly formed, if hold up urine, the urine trapped in the bladder will be more and more, bladder enlargement, resulting in bladder muscle damage due to expansion. Some people hold urine for a period of time, even if discharged will be aware of abdominal distension and pain, which is the bladder after the expansion of incomplete contraction. In addition, excessive urination, increased pressure in the bladder, is bound to damage the metabolic function of kidney waste excretion, water and metabolic waste accumulation in the body, resulting in uremia, renal failure, life-threatening.

Therefore, in addition to doing some examinations, you should not hold back your urine.

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