What Are The High Related Factors To Cause Uremia How To Treat

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High Related Factors,Cause Uremia1. Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is the most important cause of uremia. All chronic kidney diseases, if not treated in time, especially chronic nephritis, may induce renal failure and eventually lead to uremia.

2. Hypertension

15% of patients with hypertension eventually develop uremia.

Hypertension is closely related to uremia. Essential hypertension may lead to hypertensive nephropathy, and renal damage may lead to renal hypertension.

Therefore, when you find that you have high blood pressure, you must treat and recuperate as soon as possible.

3. Diabetes mellitus

Thirty percent of diabetic patients develop diabetic nephropathy, especially low glucose tolerance.

4. Infection of urinary system

Infection caused by urinary tract obstruction can aggravate the body's load, leading to further deterioration of renal function, thus forming a vicious circle.

5. Side effects of drugs

Drug abuse is not only unable to strengthen the kidney, but also may lead to kidney damage due to side effects of drugs.

At the same time, the latest survey has confirmed that long-term use of some Chinese herbal medicine can directly harm the kidney, and even cause uremia.

How to treat?

With the development of society and chinese medicine, a series of famous high-technology therapy combine traditional chinese herbal medicines to treat uremia, which are very popular in China. For example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy appear to solve the renal damage, high creatinine, complications, controlling illness conditions, which gets good effects well.

In a way, it achieve to prolong life expectancy and avoid the dangerous factors causing uremia.

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