What Role Does The Doctor Play In Our Hospital

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What role does the doctor play? Someone says doctor is an angel but someone says doctor is a devil. What is doctor on earth? In our hospital, the doctors are angels to all kidney failure patients.
The following is a story between our doctor Zhang and one renal patient.
The patient is 31 years old and suffers from kidney failure. He served in the army before. After discharged from the army, he is a martial arts coach. In a physical examination, he is diagnosed with renal failure. Once hearing this news, he and his family members all get a great shock. His wife suffers from depression due to this. He spends all his savings to treat his disease in his local hospital. But his condition does not get well controlled. His local doctor just lets him to continue the treatment. Long time of dialysis also costs him a lot but there is no improvement to his condition.
Occasionally, he comes to our hospital and you can see great expectation to our doctor.
At this time, doctor Zhang thinks that as a doctor, he must reduce patients’ sufferings and give patients’ survival hope.
The medical reports in our hospital show creatinine level 900umol/L and hemoglobin only 53g. What’s worse, he also has severe anemia, poor appetite and poor sleep quality. On one hand, doctor Zhang help patients establish the confidence of treatment and analyze his condition. On the other hand, experts gather together to discuss his treatment plan.
His treatment plan is a combination of western medicines and Chinese medicines. First, dialysis is used to stabilize his condition. Second, we use Chinese medicines to nourish your kidneys and recover part of your renal function.
After a period of treatment, he gets a great therapeutic effect. His hemoglobin level is increased to 103g from 53g and high creatinine level is reduced to 400umol/L from 900umol/L.
This patient considers our doctor as an angel who help bring back to life. The combination of dialysis and Chinese medicines can help kidney failure patients live longer and better. If you want to know further information, you can leave a message below or consult our doctor directly.

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