Creatinine 1.8, How Can I Improve Kidney Function Naturally

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Creatinine 1.8, How Can I Improve Kidney Function NaturallyCreatinine is 1.8, there are no symptoms in clinic. But patients do not think that your kidney function is normal. Creatinine 1.8 is higher than the normal creatinine level that means that your GFR is lower than normal, which can express that your kidney are damaged gradually. Now i will tell you with creatinine 1.8 that how can you improve your kidney function naturally.

Creatinine level is higher than normal that means there are lots of toxins and excess wastes in blood, which can not be eliminated, and it will cause creatinine level to go up. The excess wastes and toxins will build up into blood, which will affect the oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues. So there are lots of dead or diseased cells and tissues.

We need to remove the toxins and excess wastes out for reducing the creatinine level. Toxins-Removing Treatments aims at clear away the excess substance through all body, and there will be a clean and health internal environment, which are beneficial for other treatments.

Immunotherapy aims at removing the immune complexes, complement, excess wastes, toxins out. Otherwise, it can help wake up immune system, enhance innate immunity, which will help fight with cold and injection.

Hot Compress therapy is an external applications with two bags, the two bags fulfill with chinese herbal medicines powder. The chinese herbal medicines will penetrate inside kidney lesions to play its effects quickly. It can help remove the excess substance out, which will help the oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues. So this therapy can help repair the diseased cells and tissues from the root.

The chinese herbal medicines can help reduce your creatinine level by improving kidney function, so it can help treat kidney disease from the root.

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