Creatinine 8.5 With Dialysis That How Long Can I Live

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Creatinine 8.5 With Dialysis That How Long Can I LiveHi, doctor, my creatinine is 8.5, the doctor told me the kidney transplant is the only option to prolong life span, and for my kidney disease that i take dialysis to maintain life. I do not have enough money to take kidney transplant. So i want to know how long can i live with creatinine 8.5.

In the early stage of kidney disease that patients are commonly recommended hormones to control the illness conditions. Hormones can only help control the illness conditions and complications, and it has no effects on treating kidney disease, because the hormones can not help repair the diseased cells and tissues to improve kidney function. When the hormones can not help control the illness conditions, the doctor will recommend dialysis or kidney transplant for kidney disease, because they think there are no other treatments for kidney disease.

Creatinine 8.5 means that there are lots of toxins and excess wastes in blood, which maybe cause a series of complications. Dialysis can help reduce the creatinine level in a short time, but it can not help treat kidney disease. If patients have dialysis twice per week, and they choose chinese medicine to improve kidney function and remove the excess substance out, which will help reduce the times of dialysis or avoid dialysis, so they will live more longer than who only choose dialysis to maintain life.

Hot Compress therapy aims at removing the excess substance out, and repair the diseased cells and tissues for improving kidney function through chinese herbal medicines. The experts will pick up the chinese herbal medicines to treat kidney disease that depends on your illness conditions, which will play its effects directly and effectively.

The Hot Compress therapy will help reduce the times of dialysis or avoid dialysis, which will prolong your life span. If you want to know more details about the Hot Compress therapy that you can consult the online doctor, or please contact:




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