What Should Chronic Nephritis Patients Pay Attention On

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healthy food for kidneysWestern medicine is commonly used to treat chronic nephritis. The symptoms of proteinuria, occult blood can be controlled in a short time. But it is easy to relapse in cold or infection, and illness conditions relapse again and again to end stage renal disease. Then patients will have , nausea, vomiting, anemia, high blood pressure and so on, they will enter into uremia in finally.

The first, we should know that what reasons will accelerate the disease process.

1. Bacterial or viral infection: it is the common reasons, especially, cold, Flu, sore throat and so on will increase the damage to kidney again.

2. Over tired: drive the car in night, strenuous exercise and so on, all will increase the illness conditions.

3. Nephrotoxic drugs

4. Such as water and electrolyte disorders, acid-base imbalance, etc.

Of course, there are lots of reasons that it will accelerate the process to kidney failure, so that we need take right treatments in timely, so it can recover kidney function successfully.

Chronic nephritis patients will experience three stages including: inflammation response stage, fibrosis formation stage, scarring stage. Kidney damage is also a chronic process that it need some years to lose all kind functions, but, if chronic nephritis patients do not pay attention on some factors, which is easy to accelerate the process to kidney failure. So that they will undergo dialysis in a short time. All chronic nephritis patients need to stop the damage to kidney again for a longer and better life.

So what treatments can recover kidney function to stop the damage to kidney again?

Systematic treatments is widely used to cure chronic nephritis, it not only improve kidney function and recover damaged kidney, but also it can improve immune system to fight with cold and infection.

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