Is There Any Treatment to Increase Urine Output in Nephritis

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Is There Any Treatment to Increase Urine Output in NephritisDecreased urine volume may indicate that your kidney has some problems. In recent days, she gets foamy urine, and urine volume decreases. She was worried that she went to hospital for examinations. Medicinal report shows: protein 3+, blood in urine +, high blood pressure and swelling. The result of the examination is nephritis.

Nephritis is one kind immune disease. The pathology of nephritis is when several pollutants, bacteria, viruses are in your body, your immune system will fight against them. Immune system kill the foreign substance, then form into immune complexes. Immune complexes are deposited in different areas of kidneys with blood circulation. Once the ability of kidney can not eliminate all unwanted things in body, which will damage kidney to cause kidney problem.

So the most important is to clear away the unwanted things in body. Chinese medicine is different from steroid medicines that it can cleaninternal environment of kidneys and immune complexes for treating kidney disease from the root.

Toxins-Removing Treatments is the systematic treatments to clean your blood. It is the first step to treat kidney disease, that because toxins and excess wastes in blood will reduce the effects of medicines, and it also cause the damage to kidney again. So if patients want to get the good effects, it is very important to clean your blood. Do not worry, chinese medicine can clear away toxins and excess wastes in body, which can create a good and clean internal environment for other treatments. At the same time, clean blood can help you recover kidney function. We can repair the diseased cells and tissues with clean blood, and kidney functions are improved gradually through expending blood vessels, improving blood circulation, anti inflammation, anti coagulation, degradation and supplying nutrients and oxygen.

After the chinese medicine treatments over 15 days, protein decreases to 2+, and blood in urine tend to normal, blood pressure and urine output are normal. We should know the reasons of nephritis and take effective treatments, so that kidney function can recover well. If you have any problem that you can consult the online doctor, or please contact:



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