What Are The Serious Symptoms Of Chronic Nephritis Or Nephrotic Syndrome

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Chronic Nephritis,Nephrotic SyndromePlease, what are the serious symptoms of Chronic Nephritis or Nephrotic Syndrome?

The serious symptoms and features:

1. At about 80% of patients showed Nephrotic Syndrome, the rest were asymptomatic albuminuria and / or hematuria.

2. The early symptoms of diseases are progressive swelling of the lower extremities, proteinuria, hematuria under microscope, naked eye hematuria is rare. With the development of kidney disease that patients commonly are in high blood pressure.

3. Renal Insufficiency and Uremia stage will be suffered by patients.

What kinds of diet should be followed?

Fasting spicy spicy food, low salt, low fat diet, ban smoking and drinking. Low salt, low protein, low sodium, low potassium, etc.

What treatments can help relieve swelling effectively?

As long as these two diseases are found in the early formal treatment, most patients can restore normal, and a few people can not control the condition and develop to renal failure, so early discovery should be treated in time.

The treatment of Chronic Nephritis is to protect the kidney and protect the kidney as the main scheme. Here we strongly recommend Micro-Chinese Herbal Medicine, various of chinese herbal medicines used in the treatments can repair diseased cells and tissues, glomerular filtration barrier can be repaired at the same time.

Proteinuria is related to broken glomerular filtration barrier, as chinese herbal medicines can repair it from the root, so it can stop protein leaking into urine. Swelling also can be treated well in fundamentally.

If you have the symptoms referred before, you can do some tests to know the accurate conditions to take treatments as soon as possible. Of course, you can communicate to our ONLINE DOCTOR about your illness conditions directly.

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