What Should Be Treated When Chronic Nephritis Is Converted Into Uremia

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Chronic Nephritis,UremiaCore Tips: more and more things happening in all over the world, you are diagnosed as Uremia Stage when you are in dizziness to take tests. If kidney disease can be found, diagnose, treatments in timely that the prognosis are different.

Here i will share one common case of developing to uremia stage.

Tom is 28 years old, he has once hematuria 15 years ago, which has treated with some medicine. So he does not pay attention on it.

In recent days, due to dizziness, he checked blood pressure, which showed 220mmHg. So he came to our hospital for treatments. The test showed creatinine 920umol/L, renal failure, diagnosing as uremia stage, needing treatments in timely.

Experts speaking: as chronic nephritis, the illness conditions develop slowly, if with no right treatments in timely, which will threaten patients’ life. NOTICE: when you appear swelling, foamy urine, hematuria, back pain, high blood pressure, that you need to take test as soon as possible.

Now, there are lots of medicine on treating chronic nephritis, traditional treatments are medicine, hormones, diuretic. All of them can relieve symptoms, but it can not treat damaged kidney cells from the root, so it can not treat kidney disease from the root.

Here we strongly recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, it have two medicated bags, which will put on patients’ shenshu area for 40-50 minutes. Targeted therapy enables drugs to quickly reach the affected area through the meridians and collaterals to promote the absorption of drugs, thus stimulating the function of human tissue cells, changing the physiological characteristics of tissue cells, promoting cell repair and regeneration, and then changing the permeability of the basement membrane, repairing the glomerular charge barrier, mechanical barrier and reducing the protein.

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