A Letter of Thanks to Our Headquarters Of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital

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This letter is written by a man whose wife had serious kidney failure. He thanks the CEO Cao, Professors Shi, Professors Zhao, Director Liu who given great supports to them. Also, he and his family members extend their thank to the nurses, doctors and professors in our headquarters of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital.

Before they came to our hospital, he was told that his wife is no longer receive any treatment except dialysis. Later, he began to look for other treatments on internet. When he heard that there is another option treating kidney failure well, he decided to come to China without any family members’ support. Worse still, his wife was very weak, and was admitted at ICU at the time they arrived at Beijing Tongshantang Hospital on 1st April, 2017. But, the supports they received from nurses, doctors and professors is unmeasurable. As a matter of fact, nurses, doctors and professors were always by their side at that period as if they are one of their family members.

When his wife backed from ICU, director of board in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, CEO Cao visited them. At that time, CEO Cao also asid that our hospital will do our best to help his wife, which gives them much confidence, hope and strengthen to fight against kidney failure. Additionally, CEO Cao decided to give extra help to them. At present, her creatinine was reduced and she feels much better.

He said that our doctors are well trusted doctors and they live the call and being a doctor in their hearts.

If you want to gain more about our hospital or treatments to kidney failure, please leave a message below or send your contact information to us. We will try our best to help you.

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