What Treatment Of Polycystic kidney With creatinine360 and Keep A Good Sleep

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Mahmud comes from Irac, who is 50 years old this year. Because the family heredity, from an early age he knew that he had the disease from an early age. But there was no symptoms in the early time, he thought he could have a normal life.

Until he was 35 years old, he felt his back began to have pain. He began to think that it is caused by fatigue, but rest for a few days still no improvement. To the hospital to check his kidney, he found that there were a lot of cysts, the largest had 35mm. This is the reason why he had been back pain. Doctors use surgery and Western medicine to control the condition.

These treatments did not keep his condition under control. His kidney cysts have begun to damage his kidney function. Creatinine370 is just one of his signs of kidney damage. In addition, he also experienced poor sleep quality, loss of appetite, renal anemia, fatigue and hypertension 150/90. He complained that he could not sleep well at night. This affected him and his family's life seriously. Therefore, he was anxious to find an effective treatment to get rid of the present situation.

He learned a Chinese kidney hospital through the network search for treatment of polycystic kidney disease. He was so interested with Chinese medicine treatment that he decided to come to China for treatment.

The kidney expert developed a systemic treatment for him under his condition, including acupuncture, medicine bath, foot bath, topical drugs and so on. With these treatments, Mahmoud's health is getting better and better. The first treatment effect was that his sleep quality was improved greatly. The second effect was his appetite improvement. Other aspects, including creatinine levels down to 290, blood pressure dropped to 140/90. All of these tests showed that Muhamud's medical condition became apparent.

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