Creatinine 180 Increases To 800 Can Chinese Herbal Medicines Save Me

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Chinese Herbal Medicines,Creatinine 180,Protein 3+,Name: Melanie Guenette

Gender: Female

Age: 36

Country: America

Diagnosis: Uremia

Keyword: Kidney Failure Patient

Melanie Guenette comes from America, she is a Chronic Kidney Failure patient. She accepted the treatments in her local hospitals, but she developed into Uremia stage. What happened to her? I will share her story in this article, if you want to know more information about her that you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

In 2014, she got swelling legs, headache, dizziness, chest distress, anemia, so she went to the hospital. The report showed that blood pressure 200/120 mmHg, protein 3+, occult 2+, creatinine 180 umol/L. She was diagnosed with CKD, her doctor gave some western medicine including: losartan potassium and Hydrochlorothiazide tablets.

These Medicines are all hypotensive drugs. That is to say, her local doctor wanted to use antihypertensive drugs for treating Kidney Disease.

She took the treatments in her local hospital for 4 years. In 2014, her blood pressure was 230/110mmHg, serum creatinine is 800umol/L. Except for the above Medications, Start Dialysis three times a week. That is to say, the doctor began to treat Kidney Failure. But at this time her illness has entered stage of uremia.

Then, she found our hospital in website, so she came our hospital for chinese herbal medicines.

The reason of kidney disease is because there are lots of toxins in the Blood, this will lead to Overload of the kidneys. These toxins will be deposited in the kidney, causing hyperplasia and necrosis of kidney cells. There is a Kidney Disease.

Therefore, the treatment for renal insufficiency should start from Cleaning toxins. The toxins in the blood and kidneys must be removed.

Melanie Guenette remains in our Hospital for 21 days and use the treatment of Toxin-Removing Treatment to Discharge toxins from her body. And the therapy can also repair damaged kidney to improve kidney functions.

Dialysis is not the only way to reduce the high level of Serum creatinine. Chinese Medicines also can bring Low creatinine levels.

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