Chinese Traditional Medicine Has A Very Good Effect For Iga Nephropath

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Name: White Lee

Gender: male

Country: North American

Disease: IgA nephropathy,CKD4

The kidney disease of him begin with anemia. He suffered from anemia for many years,but it was ignored for long time. Until two years ago,White Lee felt so weak one day suddenly and he had to go to hospital to visit a doctor. After a serious of test like urinalysis,blood test and biopsy,However,what shocked him is that he was diagnosed with IgA nephropathy. He was hospitalized immediately. What made him and his family sad is that there is no obvious effect after a long time. What’s more,he begin to have proteinuria and swelling all around of his body.

One day,his brother found our website casually. After our detail analysis of his disease online,they decided to come to our hospital to have try.

Before making a treatment plan,we give him a physical examination on his blood and urine and other test like biological immune module analysis. It showed creatinine 4.2mg/dL, GFR 25mL/min, protein +++.

Then we make a treatment plan immediately which contains Micro-Chinese Osmotheray and Medicated Bath. After only two weeks,there is an obvious effect. Swelling on his body disappeared,and his urine become normal. After one month,he took a test again. It showed protein-, GFR 28ml/min, and creatinine 3.5mg/dL.

Now he have already returned to his country and he always email or phone us. We are so happy when hearing his body condition is becoming better and better.

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