Can I Recover Kidney Function In Creatinine 342 With Hypertensive Nephropathy

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Long years of high blood pressure will cause hypertensive nephropathy. In most conditions, high blood pressure is one of symptoms in kidney disease. No matter which kinds of high blood pressure, it is not good for kidney disease, high blood pressure will accelerate the process to end stage renal disease. Creatinine 342 in hypertensive nephropathy, can i recover kidney function? Following this article to get the answer, or you can consult online doctor in free.

Why high blood pressure will cause hypertensive nephropathy?

Kidney has functions on filtering toxins of body, eliminating excess waster and sodium salt through urine, preventing leakage of protein and blood cells from blood vessels. High blood pressure will cause increased pressure in blood vessels, which will cause protein to leak to urine. Once protein leak to urine, it will damage glomerular filtration barrier. Long time of uncontrolled high blood pressure, it will damage kidney structures, which is irreversible, so patients will have losing kidney function in gradually. Even they will develop into chronic renal failure, the last serious stage is uremia.

Western medicine can only control the symptoms in a short time, patients need to take medicine Every day for controlling high blood pressure.

It can explain that why western medicine can not treat high blood pressure from the root. Due to hypertensive nephropathy caused by long years of high blood pressure, the most important is to adjust high blood pressure from the root, chinese medicine has good effects on expending blood vessels, repairing kidney structures, so it can adjust high blood pressure from the root, and treat kidney disease from the root. Chines medicine can help improve kidney function with chinese herbal medicines. That is why chinese medicine can treat hypertensive nephropathy patients well, and relieved all the complications in 10-15 days.

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