How To Prevent Hypertensive Nephropathy For Stopping Renal Failure

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Stopping Renal Failure,Hypertensive Nephropathy,Prevent HypertensiveHow to prevent Hypertensive Nephropathy? If hypertension is not treated promptly and correctly, it will destroy the renal blood vessels, lead to insufficient blood supply of the kidney and damage the renal function. When kidney function is completely lost, Kidney Failure occurs. So, how to prevent hypertensive nephropathy?

At this point, the kidney will not be able to release enough hormones to maintain blood pressure balance and produce red blood cells and vitamin D. As a result, the following symptoms will occur:

Elevated blood pressure: This can also lead to serious complications such as stroke, heart disease, and even death.

The body does not produce enough red blood cells, leading to renal anemia.

Because of the lack of calcium, bone will become fragile.

More importantly, excess liquids, waste and toxins will accumulate in the body, which will cause creatinine level increased.

Once suffering from hypertension, as long as we pay attention to the disease and adhere to standard treatment, blood pressure can be completely controlled, and complications can be prevented. The quality of life of patients will be the same as that of normal people.

To control blood pressure effectively, hypertension patients should overcome some bad habits such as smoking, adjust diet structure, reduce fat intake, increase intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, increase exercise properly, maintain weight, and learn to monitor blood pressure regularly to understand the law of blood pressure changes. To adhere to standardized drug treatment under the guidance of doctors.

To require young and middle-aged patients with hypertension to control their blood pressure below 130/85 mmHg, elderly patients with hypertension should control their blood pressure below 140/90 mmHg, and hypertensive patients with diabetes at the same time should control their blood pressure below 120/80 mmHg.

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